No More Lies


Dr. Holland Banks is head of the Century Psychiatric Hospital and president of the Schizophrenia Research Foundation...but is she going insane? The rest of the world seems to be. There's a sniper on the loose, she's being stalked, her father is conducting deadly experiments, and she's begun to hear voices: other people's thoughts. But a man was just admitted to her hospital--one who searched her out, whose touch can make her voices subside. Is he crazy, too, or a solution to her fears? A labyrinth of conspiracy is rising around her, and Holland's life is about to change forever. Very soon there will be .....NO MORE LIES.

No More Lies was a finalist for the Rita Award.

"All of the elements that made Squires' previous sci-fi romantic suspense novel, Body Electric, such an eye-popping read manifest themselves here-a feverish romance, a pervasive sense of danger, and an exhilerating chase full of adrenaline-fueled encounters…few romantic suspense authors know how to write a chase sequence as thrillingly as Squires."
--Publisher's Weekly

"Squire's fast-paced conspiracy novel gives readers a run for their money, and then some."

"Is there anything Susan Squires can't do? Having written well-received historical and futuristic romance, Ms. Squires takes on romantic suspense, throws in a paranormal twist and comes up with something truly exceptional. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is a real spellbinder of a book…No More Lies is an amazing accomplishment."
--The Romance Reader

"Leave it to the amazing Susan Squires to come up with another highly original and intensely riveting paranormal thriller. Filled with loads of twists and turns, this is one book that will keep you captivated until the very last page."
--Romantic Times Magazine

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No More Lies by Susan Squires

October 2003
ISBN: 0505525666

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