Body Electric

Winner of the 2002 Dorothy Parker Award for Futuristic Romance
from the Reviewers International Organization (RIO)

Victoria Barnhardt set out to create something brilliant. She succeeded beyond her wildest fantasies. With one keystroke her program spiraled out of control…and something was born that defied possibility: a being who called to her.

He spoke from within a prison—seeking escape, seeking release, seeking her. He was a miracle that Vic had never intended. More than a scientific discovery, or a brilliant coup by one of the world’s most infamous hackers, he was life. He was beauty. He was genius. And he needed to be freed, just as Vic needed to be released from the shadows of her past. The world might rise against them, but on one starry Los Angeles night, in each other’s arms, they would find a way to have each other and freedom both.

Publishers Weekly, July 15, 2002
"Electrifying and sensual sci-fi romance...Squires's deft plotting and full-bodied characters make this whirlwind adventure worthwhile."

Romantic Times, August 2002
Top Pick."Wow! Susan Squires gives her readers a breathless hardcore ride in her latest, BODY ELECTRIC."

ScribesWorld Reviews
Wow. Talk about a near-future story that's completely plausible. There?s action, suspense and a heavy doses of SF for a read that will keep you up long into the night.

Romance Readers' Connection
Susan Squires has done it again! Every time I read about her unconventional heroines and unorthodox story lines, I can?t help but wonder why I bother to read anyone else! ...if you are looking for a romance that is out of the norm, this is definitely the book for you!

Paranormal Romance Reviews
BODY ELECTRIC is gripping, suspenseful, thought-provoking, and very emotional...A classic for a new Millenuium! Susan Squires is destined to become a best seller. This is a highly recommended read.

The Best Reviews
Every once in a while a book will come along that will knock your socks off. BODY ELECTRIC did just that for me! ....I must forewarn readers that they should make sure they have plenty of time before picking up this highly recommended work, because they won't want to put it down.


Body Electric by Susan Squires

Body Electric
August 2002
Love Spell
ISBN 0-8439-5036-6