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MAY 19, 2015:

The Ghost rebels — The Merlin gene has come alive in his brothers and sisters, giving them a magic power when they find their destined mate. Lanyon is afraid he's next. Why would he want to share their destiny? The family is under siege. The Clan's powers are increasing. His father, once invincible, is in no position to lead them. So he rebels. He haunts the L.A. club scene, appearing out of nowhere to play music no one can forget.

But can he avoid Destiny? — The minute he sees a beautiful blond girl and feels the incredible tug he's heard his brothers and sisters describe, he knows he must resist her at all costs.

Star-power — Greta Falk is trying to control her own future, having sued her stage mother for emancipation when she was fifteen. But does she want a role in the next billion-dollar movie franchise? Or does she want to study the stars that have always fascinated her — the ones in the sky?

Destinies Collide — When Lanyon feels obligated to rescue Greta from the paparazzi, the only safe place to take her is home to his family. Right where he doesn't want to be. Now he's drawn into everything he's been trying to escape. He can't resist Greta. And she may hold the key to the Tremaine future. The Clan wants what he and Greta know. Can they make peace with their Destiny and embrace a future together?
The Burning
THE BURNING: Now Available.

Award-winning, bestselling author Susan Squires brings you into a world of erotic temptation that comes alive at night and thrives on our darkest secrets and longings. Take the journey to an unforgettable place in the heart of darkness and desire. . .

It is 1821 and all who know the beautiful, mysterious Ann Van Helsing believe she is insane. Yet Ann’s curse is the deep psychic ability that shows her everything about another human being—their history, thoughts and desires—simply by touching them. Overwhelmed by a power she can barely control, Ann roams the quiet woods and caves near her estate, searching for an elusive peace. Here she encounters the man who will change everything. . .

To atone for an unforgivable transgression against his own kind, vampire Stephan Sincai has become a vigilante who must hunt and kill those whom other vampires have made. When Ann discovers Stephen bleeding in her cave, she reaches tries to help him. The moment she touches him she knows every fiber of Stephens being—and the knowledge is at once frightening and irresistible. . .

Ann and Stephen are drawn together by a powerful force. As they fight against the evil surrounding them, an enemy bent on destroying them will make them choose between what they love and what they fear the most. . .

Romantic Times (4 ½ star review) on The Companion

This book was previously published by MacMillan and Pan MacMillan.

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The Hunger
THE HUNGER: Now Available.

Beatrix Lisse, Countess of Lente, is the toast of London and the most fascinating woman in Europe. She has been fascinating men for a thousand years, for Beatrix was born vampire. Over the years, she has tried everything to fill her life with interest or purpose: social and spiritual causes, creating and collecting priceless art, controlling empires through her consorts. She has sipped from countless strong male throats, and indulged in passionate sexual affairs. But she has never let herself truly love another. Now she is bored, jaded, and ultimately weary. There is nothing she desires. . . John Staunton, Earl of Langley, has the reputation of being the most debauched man in England. What no one knows is that Langley is cultivating his worthless reputation in order to conceal his real activities as a volunteer spy for his government. Over the years he's been very successful, but killing and deceit has become a trap. His life is missing some vital spark. Beatrix and John are attracted to each other in London, and they can see through each others' deceptions. But when they discover each others' true secrets, and when Beatrix accidentally contaminates John's blood, turning him into a vampire, they must overcome past scars and fears to defeat Asharti. And, together, they must find new purpose for their lives and an eternity together. Intense and sexy, The Hunger plumbs the depths of the human soul.

This book was previously published by MacMillan, St. Martin's Press.

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The Companion
THE COMPANION — You are about to enter a world where there is no turning back. Where danger and desire become one. Where a man and a woman must face the darkest secrets of the night…though they may not survive what awaits them.

The Captive

Ian Rufford was captured, enslaved, and then abandoned in the lonely dunes of the North African desert. His tormentor was a woman of magnificent beauty. . . and the blackest of souls. Now, Ian prays for a death that will not come. Only after his rescue does he begin to realize how he has changed. He is carrying something strange in his blood known only as "The Companion," and his new-found symbiotic partner will exact a terrible price in return for the gifts Ian is only beginning to understand.

The Desire

Elizabeth Rochewell's home was Egypt, where she traveled the desert organizing her father's archeological expeditions. After her father's death, she is sent home to live a conventional life in London. Onboard ship, she finds herself drawn to her mysterious fellow passenger, Ian Rufford. He awakens feelings in her that disturb and tantalize her senses. But he hides a shocking secret. Beth has spent her life unraveling the secrets of the desert. Little does she know how dangerous it will be to unravel Ian's.

This book was previously published by MacMillan/Pan MacMillan.

"A darkly compelling vampire romance ... the plot keeps the reader turning the pages long into the night."

Affaire de Coeur

"Bestseller Squires charts a new direction with this exotic, extremely erotic, and darkly dangerous Regency-set paranormal tale. With her ability to create powerful and tormented characters, Squires has developed a novel that is graphic, gripping, and unforget­table."

Romantic Times (4 ½ starred review)

"Travel through Egypt's deserts and London's society with two of the most intriguing characters you will ever read about. You will encounter a dark world that is intense, scary, and sexy, and a love that will brighten it. . . powerful and passionate . . . captivating . . . Squires has a wonderful ability to keep her readers glued to the edge of their seats."

Romance Junkies

"A vibrant, riveting, and sometimes just plain scary novel that should satisfy anyone—including the man in your life—who enjoys paranormal tales . . . Squires's saga is off to an intriguing start."

All About Romance

"[The Companion] delivers sensual love scenes, and an intriguing plot fraught with danger, adventure, and the unexpected which will leave readers anxiously awaiting the next enthralling tale from this immensely talented author."


"Squires has just taken the traditional vampire novel to a whole new level with The Companion. With her riveting and compelling writing, she has woven a tale of love amidst the most desperate of circumstances and created unforgettable characters ... fans of the genre will be fascinated ... The Companion will capture your interest from the first scene until the last . . . readers who like a strong historical novel as well as one with a definite bite should add The Companion to their wish list. It will be a keeper for sure!"

"Squires has demonstrated a talent that few can surpass. Her descriptions and historical details are flawless. Her characters exceed their potential and the plot keeps you quickly turning the pages. Squires has joined the company of authors whose books are classics. Look for this book to become a classic in its genre too. The Companion is a gem."

Coffee Time Romance

"Squires's prose grabs you from the beginning and gives you a relentless ride through this complex, beautifully written book."

New and Used Books

"A book to be savored, not torn through at breakneck speed . . . Squires is a talented author and The Companion offers the prom­ise of more beautifully dark vampire novels to follow."

The Romance Reader

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