March 2002
Reissue: April 2007

St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN 0-505-52472-4

What if the man you loved was a vampire? How would you find the courage to embrace the darkness? Sarah Ashton, Lady Clevancy, is sure she is a very ordinary person in a very ordinary Regency England. When her life is invaded by a mysterious stranger, the long lost owner of the ruined abbey adjacent to her ancestral lands now accused of serial murder, she should be appalled, rather than fascinated. But she finds herself saving the devil himself from danger, and falling in love in the process. Her love will lead her across Europe, to the edge of eternity.

Winner of the 2002 PRISM award for Dark Paranormal.

Road to Romance
How often is it that in reading a book, one can hear the patter of rain on ancient stones and smell the musty dampness of an underground cavern? Ms. Squires' tale made it possible, making SACRAMENT a must-read.

Romance and Friends
SACRAMENT is a journey. I know that I'll always follow wherever Susan Squires leads. With strong, compelling characters, depth of history, plotline and romantic emotion, SACRAMENT is a definite keeper that I have no qualms about recommending to everyone!

The Romance Readers? Connection
SACRAMENT offers it all — vampires, mystery, torture, sacrifice, desperation, and most of all, a love that you will follow to the ends of the Earth, a love that you would die for. This is one of the most memorable books I've read....

"Ms. Squires' Sacrament took this reader on a wonderful journey...a must read."
--Road to Romance

"This is a definite recommend to readers who love the vampire romance genre — you won't be disappointed."
--Loves Romance

"...a wholly original and new take on the old legends. Bravo, Ms. Squires." Four Stars.
--The Romance Readers' Connection

"This is one of the most memorable books I've read..." Four and a Half Stars.
--The Best Reviews

With strong, compelling characters, depth of history, plotline and romantic emotion, Sacrament is a definite keeper.
--Romance and Friends

"Sacrament should delight those seeking a romance that's out of the ordinary" Four Stars.
--Romantic Times Magazine


SACRAMENT by Susan Squires

St. Martin's Paperbacks
April 2007
ISBN: 0312941021

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