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ST. JAMES CHURCH on Jermyn Street at the top of St. James Street, was the most fashionable church in London. It plays a prominent role in THE COMPANION. To a modern eye it is relatively plain, in keeping with it's Protestant heritage, rather than ornate, like a cathedral. The inside is all creamy white plaster and high ceilings. The font is carved by Grinling Gibbons, a famous sculptor of the 17th century. There are several wonderful stained glass windows, but the main light is provided by the clear side windows, which are huge. It makes the whole church rather lighter and more uplifting than I imagined it before I saw it when we went to England to research THE COMPANION.
Both White's and Brooks' were famous GENTLEMEN'S CLUBS on St. James Street. Ladies did not walk or drive down St. James Street, no doubt for fear of all the drunken young men to be found there. White's was originally a chocolate house, and later became famous for its high stakes gaming. Many a fortune was won and lost there. Brooks was the more conservative of the two clubs. White's also kept a book to record gentlemens' bets, which records that they would bet on just about anything, at any time, for considerable money. It was here that men would bet on the likelihood of proposals being made and accepted.