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The Companion
a vampire parasite that lives in the human bloodstream
The Source
the fountain at Mirso Monastery that originally held the parasite
the vampire’s ability to disappear in one place and reappear in another
Mirso Monastery
the last refuge for vampires ill with their own immortality
“The Blood is the Life”
Mantra of the clan of vampires, a salutation, can be a prayer.
vampires loyal to Rubius who specialize in retribution
vampires who are not born to the Companion, but have been infected with it by another
The Rules
laws by which vampires live. Rubius and the Elders are the custodians of The Rules.
The Vow
Aspirants to live at Mirso Monastery vow never to leave and to follow the monastic path to reduce their need for blood and weaken their companion.
one who sees permission to take the Vow.
a vampire’s ability to control a human will as well as certain bodily functions.
The Old Ones
the beings that infected the Source with the Companion parasite.