It was the silver the Saxons would pay to keep the dreaded Viking marauders from their shores. It was the price a half-Irish beauty would pay to keep the murderer of her father and mother at bay, to keep the powerful magic of her forebears from overwhelming her, to keep the stirrings of her womanhood in check. It was all that one mighty Viking would give to remain to a man, to be whole, to retain the respect of the jarls and the might of his sword arm. It was DANEGELD. In England's Dark Ages, sometimes it was all that stood between what a person was and what he should be. And it was the only thing in the way of true love.

Danegeld has won regional contests sponsored by the Romance Writers of America all over the United States, including California, Washington, Utah. Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Winner of the Holt Medallion for Best First Book

Winner of the Golden Heart Contest for 2000 - Best Paranormal Romance.

Paranormal Romance Reviews:

Ms. Squires' debut novel, DANEGELD garnered considerable critical acclaim. SACRAMENT demonstrated her versatility. I predict it will earn her a place among the genre?s best sellers. I look forward to her next novel, BODY ELECTRIC, which is already getting raves in advance of its AUGUST (?02) release. A recommended read for lovers of regency, gothic, and dark paranormal romance.

"Danegeld is unique...It is a journey of discovery for the main characters and a superb avocation of the Dark Ages for the reader. I am thankful that Susan Squires wrote such a different book and that Leisure was willing to publish it."
--All About Romance, "A" - "Desert Island Keeper"

"Danegeld is an outstanding debut novel that takes some risks and succeeds. Susan Squires gives us a gritty, complex love story that is as engrossing as it is endearing. This is definitely an author with an interesting voice and a bright future, and if you like historical romance with a different feel to it Danegeld is one you won't want to miss."
--The Romance Reader
RT 4 Stars

"The Dark Ages of Saxon Britain is the backdrop for this unusual novel that blends threads of the paranormal with harshly realistic historical details and a love story."
--Romantic Times RT 4 Stars

"Danegeld is really well written. Ms. Squires has turned out a historically rich and well paced novel."
--Romance Reader's Connection

"Gritty historical detail and the author's detailed knowledge of this period in history make this story a truly wonderful thing. There were passages that brought to mind the rhythms of the Sagas and Edas. Brava, Ms. Squires!"
--Old Book Barn Gazette

DANEGELD by Susan Squires

May 2009 (re-release)
ISBN: 9780505524461

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