The Children of Merlin Novels

Iím working on an exciting new series called The Children of Merlin, about the big and boisterous Tremaine family who are descended from the wizard of Camelot. Each sibling will come into a unique power, but only when they meet and fall in love with another who carries the magic gene.

Here are the books in The Children of Merlin Novels so far:

  • DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC (Book 1) — Tristram Tremaine has never fit in with his large and boisterous family. They believe they carry a magic gene that comes alive only when they fall in love with another who has that gene. After disappointing his parents one too many times, Tris, the bad-boy brother, hits the road on his cycle, drifting away from his destiny. That is, until he meets Maggie O'Brian, a spit-fire rodeo rider with a strange ability to calm wild horses. Maggie lives on the road too, avoiding relationships. Her mother left her, the boy she loved left her, even her dog left her. But the connection between Tris and Maggie is instantaneous. After a mysterious accident nearly kills Tris, he and Maggie must learn to believe in their destiny to stay one step ahead of those who will do anything to prevent them from claiming it.

    Do You Believe in Magic?

  • HE’S A MAGIC MAN (Book 2) — Drew, the oldest Tremaine daughter, has always been very sure she’ll share her family’s destiny. She’ll find her one true love and get a magic power, just like her parents and her older brother. But when lightning finally strikes, she finds the man who raised her power is an alcoholic who’s still in love with his dead wife. Destiny is a bitch.

    He's a Magic Man

  • YOUR MAGIC TOUCH (Novella Extra) — When the Tremaine children ask how their parents met, there’s a lot Brian and Brina don’t feel comfortable recounting. But the reader knows all: the instant and irresistible attraction between them, the frightening discovery of their magic powers, and strangest of all, just who introduced them. When a mysterious group wants to take advantage of their powers, they have to stop fighting their destiny and have faith in the magic buried in their DNA, and each other. This novella is an addition to the Children of Merlin series and can be read at any time.

    Your Magic Touch

WAITING FOR MAGIC (Book 3) - Coming Soon